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  • Mandalamotor

    class friends

    November 25, 2010 by Mandalamotor

    - sadid-gemah sadida strong str bassed

    - myth-aqua cra strong int bassed

    - juragan xelor strong AP reaper wis bassed

    - white-evil sac strong agi bassed

    - nazanidda eca strong str bassed

    - kenith-dark osa strong int and vit bassed

    -betok osa strong int bassed

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  • Mandalamotor

    dofus friends

    November 25, 2010 by Mandalamotor

    - Sadid-gemah level 195

    - Juragan level 195

    - Nazanidda level 174

    - Myth-Aqua level 162

    - White-evil level 108

    - Kenith-dark level 165

    - betok level 186

    - Mambanghijau level 132

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